So, we bought a farm . . .

At least, the beginnings of a farm. 

In our search for a place to call home for the rest of our lives, we started by defining what we wanted. Fresh air, small town, a place to raise alpacas and grow some crops were our top priorities. Throw in great views and down to earth people, and that was our goal. 

We started hunting in and around Colorado, where we currently live. Land in and near the bigger cities has always been quite expensive here, but we were shocked when we realized what we would have to pay to own land out in the country. Plus, several other issues also held us back. Health issues and water rights issues both combined to make us realize that if we wanted something affordable here in Colorado, we would have to be in the middle of nowhere, most likely so far out that if we had any kind of medical emergency, we really should just go ahead and die, because we couldn't get any help within a reasonable time. So, back to the drawing board we went.

Since I'm from Mississippi and hubs is from Pennsylvania, we started looking at land back east. We hoped to find something in the mountains of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky or Tennessee. After several months, we found a wonderful spot, which we will be moving to when hubs either retires or transfers with his company sometime soon. 

So, about this special place. Imagine beautiful green hills, rolling pastures and down to earth people who really care about each other and the place they call home. A place virtually untouched by modern farming machinery or chemicals. Yeah, right! I know what you're thinking-- impossible -- but we found it! Almost 20 acres of beautiful green mountain land, with about 6 acres in pasture, all just waiting for us. The prior owners have certified that it has been untouched since 2003, so organic certification will be almost a guarantee. We've got lots of things to do now!

So, follow along with us as we make this place our home. Can't wait!